Ho-Ag is Matt Parish, Tyler Derryberry, Eric Meyer, and Ryan Brown. Thousands and thousands of miles traveled across the country and uncharted musical depths have been plumbed by the band. The latest album, World-Destroying Zig-Zags, crystallizes all their well-known elements — dizzy sci-fi melodies, gut-tangling rhythms, paranoic feverscapes — and tightens the focus-noose on all of it.

This is long-running, underground soul-crushing sort of work that deals in hobbled bits of haunted house themes, scraping guitars, synth bleats, upside-down bits of New Wave, wrecks of lyrics that clang on by like the homeless ghosts of never-were prophet-salesman. The glory days of the Trinity Site and men that found the remnants in briefcases floating around black and white palm tree paradisos. That photo of us in Dallas is real. The doctors have knives for answers. Oh!

Ho-Ag has played with the following good people: Melvins, Deerhoof, Melt-Banana, Dan Deacon, Daughters, Enon, Six Finger Satellite, Twig Harper, Triclops!, Parts and Labor, Wolf Eyes, Dresden Dolls, Marnie Stern, Ex-Models, Sleeptyime Gorilla Museum, Neptune, Skeleton Key, The Mae-Shi, The Shipping News, Double Dagger, Animal Hospital, Neptune, Fat Day, World/Inferno Friendship Society, Capillary Action, USAISAMONTSTER, DMBQ, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, many many more.

Past members: Jon Ruhe (2002-2003), Dave Dines (2002-2005), Patrick Kim (2002-2007), Nkls Ward (2005-2007), Kristina Johnson (2007-2009)




September 7 @ Great Scott | Boston, MA

w/ Young Sexy Assassins, Big Digits, Pile, Animal Hospital


June 12, 2013 @ The Middle East Downstairs | Cambridge, M

w/ Black Flag, Good for You


April 5, 2013 @ The Firehouse | Worcester, MA

w/ Goddard, Bunnies


February 21, 2013 @ Oberon | Cambridge, MA

w/ Hallelujah the Hills, Dear Leader


May 19, 2012 @ Midway | Boston, MA
w/ Battle House, Animal Hospital, Noxious Foxes

April 21, 2012 @ Radio | Somerville, MA
w/ Soccer Mom, AM Stereo, Eldridge Rodriguez


November 18, 2011 @ O’Briens | Boston, MA
w/ Dope Body, Child Bite, White Pages

September 10, 2011 @ Great Scott | Boston, MA
w/ Ketman, Battle House, Banditas


April 18, 2010 @ Cake Shop | New York, NY
w/ I’m In You, Thunderhole, Matamoros
April 17, 2010 @ The Litter Box | New Brunswick, NJ
w/ We Are Seahorses, Thunderhole, Cave Bears, Zebo

April 16, 2010 @ JR’s Bar | Philadelphia, PA
w/ Bad Doctors, Thunderhole, Ox/John the Baptist
April 15, 2010 @ The Sierra Grille | Northampton, MA
w/ Bunnies, Thunderhole
April 1, 2010 @ Great Scott | Boston, MA
w/ Big Bear, Dinowalrus, Geoglyphs
February 3, 2010 @ O’Briens | Boston, MA
w/ MadLove, Tristan da Cunha, Thief Thief
January 29, 2010 @ The Middle East | Cambridge, MA
w/ Mascara, Super 400, Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling


October 21, 2009 @ O’Briens | Boston, MA
w/ So Many Dynamos, Cinemechanica, Thief Thief

October 22, 2009 @ Lit Lounge | New York, NY
w/ So Many Dynamos, Cinemechanica, The Bronzed Chorus, Antarctic
October 30, 2009 @ The Cottage | Dorchester, MA
w/ World Map, General Interest, Bone Zone
October 31, 2009 @ The Paradise | Boston, MA
w/ Pinback

November 2, 2009 @ Big Red Barn | Ithaca, NY
Big Red Barn (Cornell U.)
w/ HEALTH, Vince Vonnegut

November 3, 2009 @ Now That’s Class | Cleveland Ohio
w/ Pygmy Shrews

November 5, 2009 @ Ronny’s | Chicago, IL
w/ Pygmy Shrews

November 6, 2009 @ Carabar | Columbus, OH
w/ 1point3

November 7, 2009 @ SoundLab | Buffalo, NY
w/ Big In Japan, Deep Earth

November 14, 2009 @ Diamond Junction Bowling | Palmer, MA

November 18, 2009 @ Le Sonic | Lyon, France

November 20, 2009 Pulimentos del Norte | Bilbao, Spain

November 21, 2009 @ Localypso | Pau, France

November 25, 2009 @ L’International | Paris, France
w/ Jordan

November 26, 2009 @ Mains d’Oevres | Paris, France
w/ Alarash, Mrs. Chan/Mr. Chow/Miss (O)

November 27, 2009 @ Exit Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Netherlands
w/ Organisms, Lucid

November 28, 2009 @ Verso | Luxembourg-Clausen
w/ Mutiny On the Bounty

September 29 @ O’Briends | Boston, MA
…w/ Battle House, Jordan, Mind Yeti

August 7 @ Dodge Street | Salem, MA
…w/ Captain Cutthroat

June 20 @ Great Scott | Boston, MA
…w/ Ketman, Me and Joan Collins, The Main Drag

May 8 @ Midway Cafe | Jamaica Plain, MA
…w/ Orange Tulip Conspiracy, Siren Island

April 19 @ Harper’s Ferry | Boston, MA
…w/ Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Dub Trio

April 4 @ Great Scott | Boston, MA
…w/ Six Finger Satellite, The In Out, Black Helicopter

March 28 @ Basement Show | Allston, MA
…w/ Ketman, I Am David Sparkle, Bacchus King

January 31 @ Oxfam Cafe | Medford, MA (Tufts U.)
…w/ Big Digits, Needy Visions, Secret Sea


December 1–Boston, MA @ Church
…w/ Marnie Stern, Talk Normal

November 22–Worcester, MA @ Ralph’s Diner
…w/ Wandas, Necktie Party, Hot Box

November 15–Cleveland, OH @ Soggy Dog House
…w/ Triclops!, Machine Go Boom

November 14–Columbus, OH @ Carabar
…w/ Triclops!, One Point Three, Rebreather

November 13–Buffalo, NY @ Soundlab
…w/ Triclops!, Sonorous Gale

November 12–Ithaca, NY @ No Radio Records
…w/ Triclops!, Screaming Protest, The Motivators, Mistletoe

November 11–Northampton, MA @ Elevens
…w/ Triclops!, Eyewitness

November 10–Boston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Triclops!, Get Laid

November 9–New York, NY @ Cake Shop
…w/ Triclops!, Last Year’s Model

November 8–Brooklyn, NY @ Lost and Found
…w/ Triclops!, Hunchback, This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Shellshag

November 7–Bridgeton, NJ @ Bridgewater Pub
…w/ Triclops!, The Jacks, The Victims, The Sheckies, The Slotcars, Blessed Mutha

October 29–Boston, MA @ MassArt
…w/ DMBQ, Yip Yip, Baixa

October 22–New York, NY @ Bowery Poetry Club
…w/ So Many Dynamos, We Versus The Shark, Child Bite, Bronzed Chorus, Pegususes XL

October 10–Jamaica Plain, MA @ The Milky Way
…w/ Bone Zone, Tinsel Teeth

October 3–Cambridge, MA @ WHRB Radio

August 15–Cambridge, MA @ Papercut Zine Library
…w/ Clawjob, Serious Geniuses, Bread & Roses, Dr. and Mrs. Van der Trampp

July 17–Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
…w/ Neptune, Bone Zone, Summerduck

June 21–Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
…w/ Ketman, George Lewis, Jr., Amoroso

May 17–Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
…w/ Big Bear, We Vs the Shark, Shore Leave

May 2–Cambridge, MA @ MIT Steer Roast
…w/ Neptune, Professor Murder, Oxford Collapse

May 1–Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Community Center
…w/ Mandate of Heaven, Mistletoe, Counterpursuit

April 30–Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class!
…w/ Machine Go Boom, Helper T-Cells

April 29–Chicago, IL @ AV-Aerie
…w/ RSTLNE, Spiller Whale

April 28–Columbus, OH @ Carabar
…w/ Fucktown Powerboys No No, Muscle Puzzle, The True Moves

April 26–Lexington, KY @ A1A Concert Hall
…w/ Oxford Farm Report

April 25–Athens, GA @ The Caledonia Lounge
…w/ Cinemechanica, Bad Dudes, Mouser

April 24–Atlanta, GA @ The Drunken Unicorn
…w/ Cinemechanica, Bad Dudes, Liverhearts

April 23–Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor
…w/ Calabi Yau

April 20–Baltimore, MD @ Scarey Studios
…w/ Lifepartners, Twig Harper

April 19–Philadelphia, PA @ West Philly Warehouse
…w/ Dark Meat, Monotonix, Church of the Snake

April 18–Fredericksburg, VA @ 3rd Floor Landing

April 17–New York City, NY @ Cake Shop
…w/ Fan Tan, ExitClov, Teletextile

April 12–Boston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Hallelujah the Hills, Big Digits, Thunderhole


January 31–Boston, MA @ MassArt Pozen Center
…w/ Dan Deacon, Big Digits, Main Fader

November 8–Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
…w/ Melt-Banana, Daughters

October 20–Boston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Octopus Project, Enon, So Many Dynamos

October 17–NYC, NY @ The Cake Shop
…w/ We Versus The Shark, Debate, So Many Dynamos, Mouser, Tigerbearwolf

September 15–Boston, MA @ MassArt
…w/ MICS, Hills, Tinsel Teeth

August 29–Boston, MA @ O’Briens
…w/ Replicator, Paper Thin Stages

August 26–Cambridge, MA @ MIT
…w/ Bill McKenna July 12–Boston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Ketman, MMOSS, Before Lazers

June 16–Boston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Hallelujah the Hills, Keys to the Streets of Fear, Ketman

May 18–Providence, RI @ Machines with Magnets
…w/ Denim Venom, Ebu Gogo, Awesome Brothers

May 17–Allentown, PA @ The Silkwerks Theatre
…w/ Sadaharu, Kiss Kiss, Ritter, Pony Pants, Settle

May 16–Washington, DC @ Red & Black Bar
…w/ The Watchers

May 15–New York, NY @ Cake Shop
…w/ The Watchers, Division of Planes

May 14–New Brunswick, NJ @ House Show
…w/ Beautiful Bear, American Landscapes

May 13–Chapel Hill, NC @ The Reservoir Bar
…w/ Maple Stave

May 12–Charlotte, NC @ Century Antiques
…w/ Toothache

May 11–Asheville, NC @ Asheville Community Arts Center
…w/ Dig Shovel Dig, And Only Then, Clyde Meadows, Racoon Party

May 10–Athens, GA @ The 40 Watt
…w/ We Vs. the Shark, Subversivo

May 9–Chattanooga, TN @ Cafe Mi Aroma
…w/ Mermaid Police

May 8–Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light
…w/ Fistfull of Crows

May 7–St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts
…w/ Charlie Moneybags, Sleepstate, Ultraviolents

May 5–St. Paul, MN @ The Turf Club
…w/ Gospel Gossip, People Noise

May 5–Minneapolis, MN @ Crystal Caverns
…w/ Battle Royale, A Night In the Box

May 4–Milwaukee, WI @ The 8th Note

May 3–Chicago, IL @ The Note
…w/ Forget Cassettes, Cortland Homes

April 29–Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012
…w/ Abiku, Mose Giganticus

April 28–Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
…w/ Machine Go Boom

April 27–Columbus, OH @ Ruby Tuesday’s
…w/ OnePointThree, Hills Have Eyes

April 6th–Cambridge, MA @ Harvard University
…w/ Posttypography, Double Dagger, Squids

March 29th–Boston, MA @ MassArt
…w/ Self-Destruct Button, Blk Tygr, The Empties

January 26th–Boston, MA @ Castle Grayskull
…w/ Ketman, Hats and Glasses, Amoroso, Thief Thief

January 25th–Boston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Animal Hospital, Capillary Action, Abraham Lincoln Brigade


December 14th–Cambridge, MA @ TT the Bear’s
…w/ Beat Circus, Reverend Glasseye, Thunderhole

December 1st–Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East Upstairs
…w/ +/-, Helms, Cinemechanica, Tristan da Cunha

November 11th–Boston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Campaign for Real Time, Robby Roadsteamer, Joey Mousepad

November 3rd–Hartford, CT @ Trinity College
…w/ Polaris Mine

November 2nd–NYC, NY @ The Tank
…Hello Sir/CMJ w/ Cinemechanica, We vs. The Shark, Tiger Bear Wolf

October 31st–Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East Downstairs
…as DEVO, w/ Taxpayer (The Pixies), Apprec. Post (RFTC)

October 15–Cambridge, MA @ T.T. the Bear’s
…w/ Ex-Models, Neptune, Big Digits

October 14–North Adams, MA @ Contemporary Artists Center
…w/ Ex-Models

September 30–Chicago @ Reversible Eye
…w/ The Drastics, Ang 13, Mr. Fuckhead

September 29–Milwaukee @ Points East Pub
…w/ White Wrench Conservatory, The Kents

September 28–Minneapolis @ The Turf Club
…w/ Falcon Crest, Mute Era, Brown, Shim Sham Shufflers

September 27–Fargo @ Fargo VFW

—w/ The Screechies, Dude Bazooka, Forgotten Voices

September 24–Olympia @ Le Voyeur

September 23–Seattle @ The Sunset Tavern (5pm EARLY ALL AGES SHOW)
…w/ USAISAMONSTER, No-Fi Soul Rebellion, Forest Friends

September 23–Seattle @ The Sunset Tavern (10pm 21+ show)
…w/ USAISAMONSTER, The Holy Ghost Revival, Forest Friends

September 22–Portland @ Rotture
…w/ Arcularius

September 21–Eureka @ Empire Squared
…w/ MTV, Johnny Redwood and the Rockin’ Rangers

September 21–Arcata @ Humboldt State Quad (12 Noon, Free Outdoor Show)

September 19–SF @ The Hemlock Tavern
…w/ Replicator

September 18–Oakland @ House Show (1021 Campbell Ave.)
…w/ A Particularly Vicious Rumor, Robin Williiams On Fire

September 14–Odessa @ The Roadhouse
…w/ Ghengis Tron, Guards

9/13–Austin @ Beerland

September 13–Austin – Live on KVRX

September 11–St. Louis @ Lemp Arts
….w/ Neptune, Warhammer 28k, Destructo Swarmbot, Ghost Ice

September 9– Columbus @ Ruby Tuesday
…w/ 1point3, The Phantods

September 8–Cleveland @ TOWER2012
…w/ Machine Go Boom

September 7–Kent @ The ECC

September 6–Buffalo @ The Mohawk Place
…w/ The Creeping Nobodies, The Czech Mates

September 2nd Boston @ Great Scott
…w/ Roh Delikat, Magic People, No No

July 18th Boston, MA @ O’Briens Pub
…w/ Icy Demons, Skeleton and the Girl-Faced Boys, Certainly Sir

April 20th–Phoenix @ Modified Arts
…w/ Bark Bark Bark, Femme Fatality

April 18th–Austin @ Beerland
…w/ When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Tuxedo Killers

April 16th–Huntsville @ Crossroads
…w/ Bytchwater

April 15th–Knoxville @ The Pilot Light
…w/ Neptune, Mad Bomber What Bombs at Midnight

April 14th–Athens @ The Caledonia Lounge
…w/ Contraband, Rump Posse

April 13th–Atlanta @ Lenny’s Bar

April 12th–Nashville @ The Springwater
…w/ Dakaiju, Clist

April 9th–Cleveland, OH @ The Beachland Ballroom
…w/ Jerk, Terrible Twos

April 8th–Columbus, OH @ Oldfield’s On High
…w/ The Evil Queens, Arks, 1Point3

March 25, 2006 Boston, MA @ Bill’s Bar
…w/ Hallelujah the Hills, Cinemechanica, Shore Leave

February 25, 2006 Allston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Mad Man Films, Badman, Tristan da Cunha


December 31, 2005 Columbus, OH @ The Ravari Room
…w/ 1Point3, The Husher, Salvage

December 14, 2005 Boston, MA @ The BCA Cyclorama
…Weekly Dig Party/Brattle Theatre Benefit

November 12, 2005 Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East Downstairs
….w/ Reverend Glasseye, World/Inferno, Humanwine

October 30, 2005 Boston, MA @ Boston College
….w/ The Mae Shi, Fat Day, Protokoll

October 29, 2005 New York, NY @ The Cake Shop
…w/ Oxford Collapse, The New Black

October 28, 2005 Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire
…w/ Ex-Lion Tamer, The New Black, The Flu, Transatlantic

October 27, 2005 Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
…w/ Glaz Almaz, Dancing Feet March to War, Ponytail

October 26, 2005 Chapel Hill @ The Nightlight
…w/ Cantwell Gomez and Jordan, In the Year of the Pig

October 25, 2005 Athens, GA @ The Caledonia Lounge
…w/ The Medications, Cinemachanica

October 24, 2005 Nashville, TN @ The Muse
…w/ The Miserables

October 22, 2005 Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street
…w/ Jello Biafra and the Melvins

October 21, 2005 Greensboro, NC @ UNCG
…w/ Contraband, We Vs. The Shark

October 20, 2005 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone
…w/ Labia Minor, High School Speeding, Wings Ripped Out

September 20, 2005 Boston, MA @ Mass College of Art
…w/ Protokoll, Roh Delikat, Reports

September 10, 2005 North Adams, MA @ MassMoCA
…w/ Roh Delikat

August 28, 2005 Providence, RI @ AS220

…w/ The Butcherings, Drab (CD Release), The Count Me Outs

August 20, 2005 Palmer, MA @ The Shed
…w/ UV Protection, Young Sexy Assassins, Big Digits

August 12, 2005 New London, CT @ The Brass Rail
…w Neptune, Total Bolsheviks

August 7, 2005 Allston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Wives, Aids Wolf, Karlheinz

August 4, 2005 Northampton, MA @ Grandstand’s
…w/ Tiger/Bear/Wolf, The Fucking Sparklies

July 29, 2005 New York, NY @ Lit Lounge
…w/ Helms, Night Rally, Shore Leave

July 1-2, 2005 Bucolic NY @ Jerry’s Christmas Tree Farm
…w/ Self-Destruct Button, 1Point3, Branks, 333, Fuzzhead and more.

June 26, 2005 Allston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ The Stairs (On Sleep Lab Release Party), Aaron Perrino, Morex Optimo

May 27, 2005 Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East
…w/ Shore Leave, Night Rally, Tristan da Cuhna

May 15, 2005 Live on WBCN 104.1 in Boston PRAY FOR THE WORMS US TOUR

April 4 Philadelphia @ The Manhattan Room
…w/ Sharks with Wings, Violent Students

April 5 Brooklyn @ Trash Bar
…w/ The New Spain

April 6 Baltimore @ Charm City
…w/ The Mathematicians, Yukon, Passiou

April 7 Chapel Hill @ The Nightlight
…w/ Cantwell, Gomez and Jordyn

April 8 Knoxville @ The Pilot Light ..w/ Greta Garbo’s Thighs, Will Fist

April 9 Winston-Salem @ The Werehouse

April 10 Charleston @ The Milestone
…w/ Cockpit, Brown Frown

April 11 Athens @ The Caledonia Lounge
…w/ Killer Rock from Outer Space

April 12 Chatanooga @ Lamar’s
…w/ The Shipping News

April 13 Nashville @ Springwater
…w/ Juan Prophet Organization

April 15 Denton @ Rubber Gloves

April 16 Austin @ Beerland
…w/ Steerz, Oh! Beast, Attack Formation

April 17 Odessa @ Earl’s II
…w/ Sleep with ZZZs

April 19 Phoenix @ The Emerald Lounge
…w/ Boyjazz

April 20 LA @ The Silverlake Lounge
…w/ The Great Northern

April 21 San Francisco @ Hemlock Tavern
…w/ Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Parenthetical Girls

April 22 San Luis Obispo @ The Dwelling
…w/ Wet Confetti

April 23 San Francisco @ El Rio
…w/ Fleshies, Bible of the Devil, The Last Vegas

April 24 San Diego @ The Zombie Lounge
…w/ Marfa and Neaff

April 25 Los Angeles @ Mr. T’s Bowl

April 27 Albuquerque @ The Atomic Cantina
…w/ The Unemployed

April 28 Denver @ 15th Street Tavern
…w/ Gitsome

May 1 Dubuque @ The Busted Lift

May 2 Iowa City @ Gabe’s Oasis

May 3 Cedar Rapids @ The Reverb

May 4 Madison @ High Noon Saloon

May 5 St. Paul @ Triple Rock Social
…w/ Vets, Hockey Night, The Deaf

May 6 Chicago @ The Buddy Gallery

May 7 Columbus @ Ravari Room
…w/ 1Point3, The Husher, Eric Wrong and the Do-Right

May 8 Columbus @ High Five
…w/ Branks

May 9 Cleveland @ Beachland Tavern
…w/ Jerk, 1Point3

May 10 Buffalo @ Sound Lab
…w/ Deerhoof

April 2, 2005 Boston, MA @ Jacques Cabaret
…Ho-Ag vs. Young Sexy Assassins, w/ Partyline

March 8, 2005 Allston, MA @ Great Scott w/ The Watchers (Chicago), Plunge Into Death, Boo Radley Bruises Badley

February 12, 2005 Allston, MA @ Great Scott w/ Big Bear, Parts & Labor, Shore Leave


December 3, 2004 Providence, RI @ AS220
…w/Mahi Mahi, Sweetthieves, and Butcherings

December 2, 2004 Cambridge, MA @ Middle East UP
…w/Helms, Night Rally, and Shore Leave

Octobert 29, 2004, Boston, MA @ MassArt, MassArt’s Iron Guild’s Iron Pour
…w/Fat Day, Mahi Mahi, and Animal Hospital

October 30, 2004, Allston, MA @ O’Brien’s, Halloween Fake Band-a-thon
…w/Lucifuge, the Whoors, and Malachi Constant

October 24, 2004, Allston, MA @ Great Scott
…w/ Roh Delikat, Clickers, and Piles

September 24, 2004, Cambridge, MA @ Abbey Lounge
…w/ Self Destruct Button, the Valhalla Kittens and the Young Sexy Assassins

September 9, 2004, Cambridge, MA @ ZuZu Free show, 10pm

July 9, 2004, Brighton, MA @ The Hoss
…w/ Neptune, Pterodactyl

July 3, 2004, Buffalo, NY @ Jerry’s Tree Farm
…Shitzstock II festival
…w/ Machine Go Boom, Self-Destruct Button, One Point Three and about a dozen other bands

June 28, 2004, Jamaica Plain, MA @ The Midway Cafe
…w/ Genghis Tron, Upsilon Acrux, Robotvoice

June 26, 2004, Palmer, MA @ The Shed
…w/ Neptune, Tunnel of Love, UV Protection

June 1, 2004, WMBR (88.1 FM in MA)
…Pipeline with Jeff Breeze

April 24, 2004, Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (up)
…w/ Deerhoof, 54-71

March 16, 2004, Cambridge, MA @ TT the Bear’s
…w/ Wolf Eyes, Big Bear

March 5, 2004, Providence, RI @ The Living Room
…w/ The Dresden Dolls, Valahlla Kittens, World|Inferno Friendship Society


October 25, 2003, Palmer, MA @ The Shed
…w/ Parts and Labor, Tyondai Braxton

October 23, 2003, Allston, MA @ O’Briens
…w/ Trinity Test, Bastos, Voodoo Screw Machine (Allston-Brighton Free Radio Benefit)

September 29, 2003, Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (down)
…w/ Polysics, Freezepop October 2, 2003, Worcester, MA @ Ralph’s
…w/ Sumo, Gatsby, Lusting Kay

August 31, 2003, Boston, MA @ The Chopping Block
…w/ Isle of Citadel, Can’t, Big Bear AUGUST 2003 HO AG EQUALS NO GO SLOW TOUR

August, 8, 2003, Boston, MA @ The Midway
…w/ Experimental Dental School, Piedmont Charisma, Aaron and Finn’s Happy Fun Place

August 9, 2003, Columbus, OH @ Ruby Tuesday’s
…w/ Mortimur, Golga, Neptune

August 10, 2003, Cincinatti, OH @ The Southgate House
…w/ Black Fives, Neptune

August 12, 2003, Milwaukee, WI @ the Endless Nameless House (2014 Buffum Street–House PARTY)
…w/ Ifihadahifi

August 13, 2003, Chicago, IL @ The Fireside Bowl
…w/ 36 Invisibles

August 14, 2003, St. Louis, IL @ Three-1-Three

August 16, 2003, Cleveland, OH @ Pat’s In the Flats
…w/ The Self-Destruct Button, Phil Wasted, 9-Yr. Old Mudflesh, Powerbane

August 18, 2003, Pittsburgh, PA @ The Shadow Lounge
…w/ Thunderbirds Are Now!

August 19, 2003, Washington, DC @ The Warehouse Theatre
…w/ From Monument to Masses, Jinxed at Twelve

August 20, 2003, New York, NY @ Lit Lounge

Moved from 8/22
…w/ 4-Volt, plus the best band in the world, you should really come

August 21, 2003, Baltimore, MD @ The Talking Head
…w/ Double Dagger, The New Flesh

July 18, 2003, Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (down)
…w/ Whirlwind Heat

July 1, 2003, Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (down)
…w/ The Dresden Dolls, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, World/Inferno Friendship Society

June 17, 2003, Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (up)
…w/ Cancer to the Stars, Clones Don’t Have Bellybuttons, Mus-ok, Feeble Weiner

June 20, 2003, Palmer, MA @ The Shed

May 31, 2003, Cambridge, MA @ TT the Bear’s
…w/ Melt-Banana, The Austerity Program

May 5, 2003, Cambridge, MA @ The All Asia Club HO AG EQUALS GO AT CD RELEASE PARTY!
…w/ Ifihadahifi, Gold, 9-Volt Gimmick

April 21, 2003, New York, NY @ Piano’s
…w/ The Vanity Set’s CD release party, Hott Deth and special guests.

April 20, 2003 Live in the studio on Boston’s WBCN 104.1

April 11, 2003, New London, CT @ Station 58
…Mister Records showcase show w/ The Cankickers, Tunnel of Love, Shark Mountain

March 27, 2003, Boston, MA @ The Berwick Research Institute
…ROCK’N’PUPPETS BONANZA: The Rancid Yak Butter Tea Party, a noise-rock shootout between Providence’s Throne of Blood and Boston’s Shark Mountain. Puppets by Martian and Madame Von X

March 19, 2003, Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (up)
…w/ Hip Tanaka, Jennifer Matthews, Trustus

February 8, 2003, Boston, MA @ The Berwick Research Institute
…w/ The Vanity Set, Reverend Glasseye and His Wooden Legs, baton twirler Miss Dominica K and the magic of Jason Gardner. The kind Reverend’s birthday.

January 30, 2003, Boston, MA @ The Chopping Block
…w/ The In Out, Japanther, Throne of Blood, Human Shield


November 26, 2002, Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (up)
…w/ Blacktail, Isle of Citadel, The Judith Light

November 2, 2002, Allston, MA @ O’Briens

w/ Party of Helicopters, Maggotzoid, The Rancid Yak Butter Tea Party, Donna Parker, and Miss Dominika K

October 24, 2002, Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (up)
…w/ Skeleton Key, Officer May, Eyes Like Knives

October 2, 2002, Cambridge, MA @ TT the Bear’s
…w/ Melt-Banana, Big D and the Kids Table

September 6, 2002, Boston, MA
…BOX 8 Mysterious Live Event w/ The Dresden Dolls, Soltero

August 4, 2002, Allston, MA @ O’Briens
…w/ Adolf Satan, ROBOTVOICE

July 22, 2002, Boston, MA @ Bill’s Bar
…w/ Officer May, Eyes Like Knives

June 28, 2002, Allston, MA @ O’Briens
…w/ The Phantom Limbs, Flux Information Sciences, and ROBOTVOICE

June 18, 2002, Jamaica Plain, MA @ The Midway Cafe
…w/ Pornbelt, Donna Parker

May 25, 2002, Jamaica Plain, MA @ The Midway Cafe
…w/ usaisamonster, The Young Sexy Assassins, Tunnel of Love




Ho-Ag has plenty of hip touchstones in their blizzard of sound– Les Savy Fav, Brainiac, Devo– but played with bravery, balance, and smarts, carrying with it the feel of basement shows rather than arty detachment. You’d be lucky to find a basement with these guys playing in it. I’m lucky to have come across it.

“Paint the Navy” blows out of the gates with metronome-steady rhythms, blaring guitars, and keyboards that seem as if they’ll malfunction at any point. “Under the Maps” features greater dynamic leaps, moving from windmill strums to head-bobbing bass and chicken-scratch chords, while singer Matt Parish plays along with whispered croons to megaphone-augmented emoting. “Lemon Juice or Vinegar” makes idle threats over muted guitars and seasick rhythms, but just in case they lost momentum (they didn’t), “TDPK” resumes the sputtering chaos where guitars angle, the rhythm section stops and starts, and the synths squeal like pigs getting branded. But for a group that sounds like a science project with a drug stipend, everything’s somehow in its right place. It’s dance-punk, spazz-rock, rawk-revival, and post-hardcore– all for a minute at a time at least.

Start with “American Mall” if you get lost, let the keyboards lob you a life preserver while the band spits and seizes around it, and allow momentum– something The Word From Pluto has in spades– take you through to “Pinhead”, the track that brandishes a 10-ton hook and rocks as hard as any 1970s arena act, except the drummer needs to be sober to pull off the ragged rhythms of the chorus. Some of the most welcome surprises are tacked onto the end of the record (“The Hoodoo Sea” might be the record’s best), but you should know by now whether this accessible, prodigious spazz-rock entry isn’t for you. If it is, get to work already and find it.


There are several predictable moves inherent in the type of jerky shock-rock Ho-Ag play. Luckily, the Massachusetts quintet refuses to resort to tricks of the trade that have been used over and over until they no longer hold any value. The Word from Pluto is a scrappy scratch’n’sniff adventure with surreal synths, stabbing planks of guitar, and smooth reels of bassery filling its guts. Whether you can hold this down without upchucking its contents is a fair question, but you’ll likely find the journey enthralling. Moods of all shapes and sizes are on display, as are several random diversions that take songs in unexpected directions. As risky as it is to reach for the sun and the sky and the stars, Ho-Ag did just that and wound up recording one of the more invigorating albums of 2006.

Boston Phoenix

It’s been documented – with marker, in the girls’ stall at the Abbey Lounge no less! – that Locust-y frazzle-punks Ho-Ag are capable of rocking people’s faces off. But they’ve been so busy changing masks and sledge-hammering hyphens to subgenres that their records were more like party favors from a bloody car wreck (or a Birthday Party reunion) than indicators of long-term commitment to any one sonic ideal. This track, from their latest found-sound apocalypse, The Word from Pluto, congeals around circusy keybs and hairpin stunt guitars while frontguy Matt Parish hot-thrashes his way through dissident Wikipedia entries from the ends of time.

Sliver Magazine

Grade: A- | Never afraid to test the limits of familiar time signatures, these Massachusetts natives fit in nicely with their Hello Sir brethren Cinemechanica: fast as hell and all about precision. Constantly thrashing with a cacophony of seamless riffs, Ho-Ag is relentless with its onslaught of piercing energy. The record incorporates some seriously hot ideas; “Pinhead” is particularly jaunty. There are even moments where the spirit of 80s metal raises its hand for a little attention. However, the vocals are too deep in the mix, leaving the record wanting more lyrical content. “Paint the Navy” brings out the best in the band with a bit more to hold on to and reminds of Les Savy Fav (so of course I love it).

The Weekly Dig

From the first fall-down-the-curvy-back-stairwell notes of “Paint the Navy” to the massive discordant coronary that puts “The Hoodoo Sea” to sleep, Ho-Ag’s second full-length is a bold step (or hard stumble) forward from—well, just about everything. Taking their familiar cues from Devo and Brainiac, they’ve tossed in a couple delightfully unreliable triangulation points for added confusion: sometimes Sun Ra, sometimes All Scars, sometimes Shudder to Think. “Man the Dam”—a reworking of a track from an old split 7-inch with Laughing Light—is like some act of art-rock martyrdom, hijacking the groove from No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” and bravely flying it into a cliff. “Into the River” is like the D. Plan on crystal meth and a hunger strike, with its hysterically dovetailed stopstarts, Matt Parish’s surrealist auctioneering and Tyler Derryberry’s Moogy scrawls, all hooked onto the perfectly preserved skeleton of rock & roll. The pokey jabs of “Stay Home Tonight” open into frenzied jibber-jabber, busted punk chunks and blasts of Patrick Kim’s cruel and unusual guitar treatment.

Skratch Magazine

The second full-length release from this Boston MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3K quintet is one of the most beautiful and original albums ever. I used to think that The Mars Volta was creative until I heard Ho-Ag. Imagine a cross between thrash punk and electronica played by math nerds and science-fiction geeks. All 14 frenzied tracks contribute to an unbelievable onslaught of insanity and something that seems a cross between The Germs and Chick Corea. Screw it. There’s no good description here, just an album full of tunes that seem to suck the oxygen out of the air and force you into a deep, dark hole where the only thing you hear as you suffocate is a theremin. -Dug